Syuhei Hiya (Shuhei Hiya)


Graduate School and Facility of Information Science and Electrical Engineering in Kyushu University. I’ve been programming every day ever since college. I’ve developed various programs including software tools, games, operating system, and some programming languages. After studying software engineering at Kyushu University (My research paper for Masters: Part of the work I developed are on Youtube.



Experience I co-founded a company to develop Backend as a Service with a concept of "end-user programming" called Milkcocoa and experienced a product development manager there for few years. After making it into an IoT company to develop computing and visualization platform for IoT, I transferred the ownership of the company to other IoT company.


I've been working at the IoT company as a manager of product development team.


I joined IoT startup(tsumug, inc.) that develops smart lock


I joined Cryptoeconomics Lab, inc. and started researching and developing Plasma. Ever since, I have not only been proposing/discussing exit game designs for Plasma Cash flavored generalized Plasma, but also implemented Plasma Chamber aiming for producing real-world use cases of Plasma.


Co-Founder of Teliha. inc: Leading DeFi protocol called "Predy". Predy is the derivative protocol on top of Ethereum. Predy Finance Predy - DefiLlama

Gtihub HackMD Youtube eth research medium